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Industry Leadership

Supply Chain Analysis - Sourcing Optimization Driving Supply Chain Decision Making
Source: ARMADA, November 2017

Armada CSCMP Corporate Spotlight Feature
Source: CSCMP, September 2017

Armada Featured in Food Logistics® Sidebar - "Leveraging a Big Picture Perspective to Boost Regulatory Compliance"
Source: Food Logistics, August, 2017

How Supply Chain Visibility Can Yield Results
Source: ARMADA, August 2017

“The Changing World of Logistics Outsourcing” Video Interview Featuring John Burke
Source: SupplyChainBrain, June 2017

Supply Chain Analysis – Valuable Analytics to Optimize Your Network
Source: ARMADA, May 2017

The Value in Orchestrating a Scheduled Transportation Plan
Source: ARMADA, April 2017

Armada Partners with MIT’s Center for Transportation and Logistics on Supply Chain Management Review® Article
Source: Supply Chain Management Review, January/February 2017

"Hottest Food Supply Chain Trends in 2017" Webinar
Source: Food Logistics, December 2016

Armada Featured in Food Logistics® Article - "How to Choose a Logistics Partner"
Source: Food Logistics, September 2016

Armada's Inbound Logistics® Knowledgebase feature - "Is It Time to Think About Logistics Outsourcing?" by John Burke
Source: Inbound Logistics, July 2016

Is It Time to Think About Logistics Outsourcing?
Source: ARMADA, April 2016

3PL Webinar
Source: Food Logistics, March 2016

Changing Demands on Foodservice Supply Chains
Source: ARMADA, February 2016

The Value in Partnering with an Integrated Supply Chain Solutions Provider
Source: ARMADA, February 2016

Why Transparency?
Source: ARMADA, November 2015

The Rise of the Supply Chain Advocate
Source: Supply Chain Management Review, September/October 2015


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