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Supply Chain Coordinator - Transportation (1pm-10pm)

Arrange, track and communicate the status of the transportation on the pickup and delivery sides for our customer’s goods.  This will include, but not be limited to, outbound from suppliers and HUB locations, inbound to Armada’s redistribution facilities, inbound to our customer’s distribution centers and inbound to manufacturing centers.  Utilize Armada’s preferred carriers and TMS to optimize service, guarantee capacity and optimize mode of transportation.

• Assign and tender shipments to Armada’s preferred carriers using transportation management system (TMS) to optimize service, capacity and cost.  Coordinate dedicated and continuous move tenders as appropriate.  Manually tender load(s) that have not been accepted through the TMS  waterfall carrier selection by calling carriers to verbally secure capacity to cover the load(s) as required.
• Monitor shipments to ensure on-time pick up utilizing the TMS. Proactively follow up as required to insure desired service results are secured and issues are communicated to all parties.
• Coordinate first response activity to resolve pickup and in-transit issues.  Escalate issues as required to the appropriate manager/Supply Chain Coordinator - Distribution.
• Assist carriers in resolving issues regarding loading, pickup appointments and communicate to appropriate parties as necessary.
• Coordinate any carrier or supplier date change requests.
• Support shipping/receiving locations with carrier issues, trailer pool coordination, rush shipment arrangements, and problem resolution as necessary.  Escalate chronic issues to the appropriate manager for review.
• Load Note in TMS all supplier and carrier issues and correspondence to create a time line documenting what occurred on a load and what we did to resolve the issue – for future reference.
• Manage Mercuygate (TMS) advisors utilizing the regional shared Microsoft Outlook mailboxes and network e-mail communication through your personal Microsoft Outlook mailbox.
• Work within the weekend shift rotation as well as rotating into alternative shifts during the week, as needed.
• When applicable, Manually Enter Orders into the TMS using the order entry function.
• Manager the Pending Orders for your assigned region/suppliers and handle the carrier rate reviews, as needed.
• Analyze existing shipping processes for possible improvements and provide support for various implementation plans to effect ongoing productivity improvement. Also work to develop and manage supplier relationships.
• Analyze carrier routing guide and carrier capacity utilization to adjust system parameters to obtain maximum cost savings and service levels.  Also work to develop and manage carrier relationships.
• Manage the Transportation Planning Tool (TPT) to Organize and consolidate LTL shipments into truckloads to facilitate improved transit times and customer service while reducing transportation expense as required.       
• Coordinate return disposition of refused/returned goods as required.
• Maintain excellent communications and service with shipping locations and carriers.  This communication will be through phone conversations as well as e-mail correspondence.
• Become well versed in understanding all Operational Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) and the Business Continuity Plan (BCP).
• Hand off any issues that require placement onto a Watch List.

QUALIFICATIONS (include education, certifications/licenses, experience, language, mathematical, computer, level of reasoning, physical demands and preferences (a plus)):

Education and Experience Requirement:
• 1-5 years experience in customer service or transportation – operations experience preferred
• Bachelor’s degree in Business, Transportation or Logistics preferred

• Bachelor’s degree in Transportation or Business

• Customer Service or Transportation experience with one or more of the following modes: LTL, Intermodal,  temperature controlled, and dry truckload transportation preferred.

Language and Technical Skills requirement:
• General understanding of business and transportation terms and concepts.
• Proficient in Microsoft Word, Outlook, Excel required; Access, TMS applications preferred
• Analytical and problem solving ability
• Ability to communicate effectively (verbal & written) with internal/external clients

To apply, please e-mail your resume to

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