Employee Testimonials

Employee Testimonials

I enjoy working at Armada. It is a very people-oriented organization and receptive to new ideas.

Armada is one of the best places I've ever worked and have often thought that I wish I had landed here sooner.

The growth of the company has allowed opportunities for people to advance either in their current role or in another area of the business. Armada makes many of the advancement opportunities available to the current employees.

Armada respects that people have a personal life outside of work. They realize the importance of family or other personal commitments outside and try to accommodate people.

I think Armada has done a great job of hiring talented, motivated and smart people. The vast majority of my co-workers are conscientious, dependable and easy to work with.

I like working for Armada and hope to have a long career with the organization.

I truly enjoy my job, co-workers and the atmosphere of working for Armada.

Armada has stayed true to its culture and values as an organization, even with the growth they have had over the last several years. I hope people know what a wonderful company Armada is.

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