Inventory Management

Inventory Management

One key part of a successful ReDistribution program is effective inventory management. Armada’s holistic approach to inventory management encompasses demand planning and supply planning.

For demand planning, we couple your historical sales and seasonality data with current inventory trends to develop highly reliable statistical forecasts. Inventory targets are then generated on an item and/or location basis to most efficiently account for sales needs and required safety-stock levels.

All of our inventory management activities are supported by leading-edge inventory management software that is customized for each client to provide:

  • Enhanced Forecasting Abilities
  • Robust Safety-Stock Logic
  • Overall Inventory Reduction
  • Obsolescence Reduction
  • Expedited Freight Reduction
  • Improved Service Levels
  • Exceptional Management

Our team takes its cue for supply planning from inventory targets generated through demand planning. Triggers that indicate lead times and inventory minimums prompt planners to work with suppliers to place orders that most efficiently replenish stock, keeping inventory levels in check without risking overall service.

We also offer clients a wide range of specialized inventory management solutions to address related supply chain needs, including:

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