Our business operations include: 

  • Supply Chain Service Centers (warehouse locations) in the United States. 
  • Supply Chain Solutions Centers (office locations) in the United States and Europe.
  • Supply Chain Operations Center in Pittsburgh, PA.
  • Expanding global operations to support our clients worldwide.


Armada’s origins in the foodservice industry began in the 1890s as a meat packing company established by the Hofmann family on the North Side of Pittsburgh, PA. From the very beginning, the company delivered quality products to its customers.

Over the years, the company has provided innovative products for its customers and eventually broadened its operations into supply chain operations and logistics management, where it led a series of landmark undertakings that have changed the way the industry operates today. It is that culture of innovation, leadership, and extraordinary service and commitment to clients that is the foundation of Armada’s core operating principles. 



  1909 Company is officially incorporated.
  1987 First innovation on ReDistribution operations in support of food manufacturing companies.
  1996 National ReDistribution and warehousing services are established as Hub One Logistics.
  2002 Complete supply chain visibility technology is developed.
  2006 Managed freight services are established as LXP.
  2013 Armada launches new brand identity.
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